Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation

Boomerang Support Services

Road Trips

Boomerang Support Services support people to achieve their individual goals by exploring their communities. Boomerang Support Services provide camping trips throughout Victoria. (and interstate where appropriate)

Boomerang Support Services provides participants with the opportunity to experience fully supported road trips either as part of a group or individually where they partake in leisure and relaxation activities, get away from their normal routines and have the chance to go to places they have never been before. Our team of experienced travellers and support workers provide a safe and fun environment for people to experience life.

We employ a flexible approach in planning these road trips which takes into consideration the customers ideas, wishes and needs. While our approach is flexible, we provide a good structure and consistency to help our participants have a predictable routine.

The camping programs take place twice a month and during school holidays to various places in Victoria. Boomerang Support Services ensures that risk assessments and the necessary support requirements have been considered while making these plans so that they are prepared for all contingencies.